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Comprehensive Background Checks

Safe Hiring Solutions is one of the most experienced and thorough background screening services companies in the industry, going way beyond basic industry standards. We have served thousands of companies over a large variety of industries.


We help a large number of organizations screen potential employees.


Screening volunteers is a necessary reality in the modern world.


People often prey on the kindness of churches and religious organizations.


A safe organization includes those who regularly come and go.


Keeping children away from danger is a responsibility we take seriously.


Higher education is not immune to the ills of society, and must be protected.


Make sure your renters are who they represent themselves to be.


Healthcare providers have a duty to protect the sick and vulnerable.


Big responsibility requires trust that goes beyond a resume.

Visitor Management

Ensuring the safety of your organization goes beyond your employees. Most organizations have daily visitors and rely on a visitor being honest about who they are, as well as using an archaic pen and paper tracking system.



SafeVisitor is the only visitor management system that is integrated with an industry leading background screening firm so you have background check options for all of your visitors – temporary, volunteers, vendors – and your current employees.



SafeVendor is integrated with industry leading vendor background checks through Safe Hiring Solutions. Vendors pose a risk to organizations. Only allow people into your organizations that have been carefully vetted and approved.



SafeVolunteer is integrated with industry leading volunteer background checks through Safe Hiring Solutions. Volunteers are a huge risk management concern for organizations. Numerous lawsuits have found organizations negligent for acts committed by their volunteers.

Process Automation

Each organizational need is different, so we have developed a number of tools to help automate the risk management processes no matter what the situation calls.

RefLynk Automated Reference Checks

Tired of traditional phone-based reference checks?

Spend too much time and money playing phone tag only to receive name, rank and serial number information on your candidates?

Let RefLynk solve this.  Our automated reference checks convert your reference checking to a web-based software that uses competency-based surveys. Predictive analytics for each question helps you determine how successful candidates are rated.

You control how many references and the relationships that are required i.e. Two former supervisors; two peers. Most organizations require at least 5.

Candidates are also asked to complete the survey to compare against how references respond.

How does it work?

Enter candidate’s name and email address. You are now done.


  • Sends an email to your candidate with a link to enter references
  • Candidate enters required number of references
  • References receive an email with a link to provide feedback
  • Candidate receives a reminder every 12hrs until they enter their references
  • References receive a daily email reminder until they provide feedback our decline
  • If a reference declines to give feedback, candidate is notified so they can add another reference
  • Client users receive a daily email digest of pending reports with status updates

What are the results?

  • 70+% of references respond within first 24 hrs
  • Hiring decisions based on relative competencies
  • Saves time and money

My Criminal History

Nearly all employers run background checks on their prospective employees.

MyCrimHistory allows you to see exactly what your prospective employers are going to see.

Court records involve human beings which means there is always the potential for mistakes. Convictions that result in reductions, expungements, sealed records, that are not updated. Criminal databases that contain incorrect information.

The federal Fair Credit Report Act allows background screening firms to report adverse information found in criminal databases if they use “contemporaneous notification”. This means the background screening firm must also send you the information that they are providing the employer. However, the employer will receive this information in real time and you will receive it several days later in the mail.

Tenant Screening

We partner with national, regional and local property management companies to provide comprehensive tenant screening solutionss.

We offer several levels of screening that includes criminal record checks, credit reports, eviction records and reference checks using our automated reference checking software. We also have an automated Tenant Risk Analysis module that can be configured to make your leasing decisions consistent and fast.

Applicant Tracking

Let your Applicant Tracking System do all the work by integrating with our background screening system.

Safe Hiring Solutions can integrate with most HRIS or Applicant Tracking systems.

The benefits of integration:

  • Increased recruiter productivity
  • Removes human error from entering duplicate information
  • Manage recruiting from a single  application
  • Quickly share information across recruiting teams

Examples of integrated partners:

Paperless Processing

Safe Hiring Solutions can configure a link that can be embedded on your website or given to your candidates that allows them to:

  • Click on the link
  • Sign authorization electronically
  • Input their information
  • Pay for the background check (optional)

The completed paperless background checks are returned to your team.

What are the benefits?

  • Candidates can initiate a background check 24/7
  • Speeds the process
  • Allows for easy processing of hundreds or even thousands of candidates
  • Removes requirement of storing sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) on paper forms

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